Columbia Credit Union converts to CU*Answers for image check processing

Columbia Credit Union (Columbia, MO) recently converted to CU*Answers Item Processing for their member check processing. As a core CU*BASE client, the credit union will receive unlimited free member check image copies and free implementation of member check images to It’s Me 247, CU*Answers’ online banking platform.

The credit union also converted to eDOC Innovations’ mobile RDC and CheckLogic Branch (C21). Mobile RDC and CheckLogic Branch are just a few offerings in the eDOC suite of CheckLogic software, which also includes Merchant Capture, Biz Merchant, ATM processing, and Positive Pay.

Bundling any of these services is a great idea for any credit union. Member check processing, mobile RDC, and CheckLogic Branch are implemented, trained, and supported by the CU*Answers Item Processing Team utilizing software provided by eDOC Innovations.