Julie Gessner, Vice President of CMS Sales, recently announced the launch of CU*BASE Strategic Release Management as service. The service provides credit union executives and managers with strategic approaches for the utilization of technology associated with major CU*BASE platform enhancements.

Each CU*BASE Strategic Release Management engagement is carefully developed, planned and executed by the brand managers and developers of CU*Answers, specifically for the unique strategies of the credit union. Developers first tested the program during the 19.05 CU*BASE release with Day Air CU, Allegan Community FCU, Honor CU, Unison CU, Element FCU, Frankenmuth CU and Notre Dame FCU.

Linda Bodie, Chief + Innovator, Element Federal Credit Union said: “It was awesome! I had a team of CU*Answers experts at my fingertips. Each presented their synopsis of the release items; I was able to ask questions and gain more insight into each specific enhancement. The team was wonderful.  “

Credit unions utilizing CU*Answers as their core processor can order CU*BASE Strategic Release Management by visiting the CU*Answers store.