A group of 100 credit union CEOs from across the country attended a video briefing at which CU*Answers leaders reviewed the CUSO’s current development priorities. The Zoom-only event was entitled “What Should be On a CEO’s Radar?” and was designed to be a power briefing for credit union CEOs, taking a big-picture look at tools and implementation strategies for the 2022 development year. The emphasis was on how credit unions can make more use of the resource of the shared cuasterisk.com network at both a local and national level.

Among the CEOs attending were clients of the CU*Answers CUSO as well as other cuasterisk.com partners including CU*NorthWest and CU*South. Facilitating the event were Geoff Johnson, the newly-named CEO of CU*Answers, as well as Randy Karnes, former CU*Answers CEO and now CU*Answers Special Projects Coordinator. After Karnes reviewed the top dozen initiatives and tools that credit unions should be adding to their business plan right now, Johnson went over the top dozen projects that will be hitting the streets over the coming year or two.

Topics included tools for internet retailers, new options for decisioning, new database lending tools, fraud monitoring and prevention tools, new online and mobile solutions, online LOS improvements, foundational projects for new tools in the EFT market, a new initiative for digital identity proofing for the CUSO’s online membership opening product, new tools for credit unions to serve business memberships, and the introduction of a new product brand from the CUSO designed especially for data analysts, called AI*Engaged.