AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, has seen continued growth in their Abnormal Activity Monitoring services. The CU*BASE® Abnormal Activity Monitoring tool was developed to quickly sift through transaction activity from various origins in order to identify accounts that warrant additional research and review. Two options are offered: the first is a one-time configuration of the tool followed by a web-conference with the client on how to utilize it to identify potentially high-risk accounts. The second is a full-service performed by the AuditLink team, which includes the configuration, review of account transaction activity, and a monthly report provided to the credit union. Marvin Johnson, AuditLink team manager stated, “we signed our 13th full-service client this month after launching the service in June. We have also configured the tool for about 55 credit unions, many of which took advantage of a Spring promotion where the fee was waived.”

Johnson went on to say, “Interest in these services has been building and building over the past few months, and we have received good feedback from our current clients and even some of our clients’ examiners. A recent call campaign also yielded over a dozen requests for additional information, so it appears that these services address needs that many credit unions have. The intention is to provide our clients with the relief they need in order to focus on other important areas within their organization.”