AuditLink, the division of CU*Answers specializing in compliance, audit best, practice, and risk management released its 2020 Audit and Compliance brochure outlining AuditLink’s favorite dashboards brochure. According to Jim Vilker, “this brochure outlines many of the tools found withing our core platform, CU*BASE, that assist compliance and risk management staff on carrying out their duties.” Vilker went on to say, “the brochure is something which we publish as enhancements are made to the system drawing attention to the robust analytics in the platform. “We are constantly evolving the platform as regulatory pressures mount and fraud and criminal vectors change.”

The brochure lists more than a dozen analytical tools revolving around BSA compliance, monitoring abnormal member activity, analyzing file maintenance performed on member accounts, and reviewing accounts considered to be high risk to name a few. Vilker went on to say, the tools at the disposal of compliance, audit, and risk professionals on the core are vast on CU*BASE and designed to make the experience of using them as effective as possible.