AuditLink launches new abnormal activity monitoring web series

AuditLink recently launched a new web conference series to offer an in-depth look at abnormal activity monitoring using CU*BASE. Held once per quarter, the conferences provide opportunities for credit unions to learn more about how the tool can be used to identify and monitor suspicious or high-risk activity across their member base. “This is a great way to share best practices with credit unions that utilize the tool and perform the account reviews on their own,” said Marvin Johnson, AuditLink Team Manager. “It’s also a chance to talk through any identified trends or unusual activity our team has uncovered while doing account reviews on behalf of credit unions.”

The abnormal activity monitoring tool was designed to quickly sift through transaction activity from various non-member facing origins such as ACH, ATM, debit card, etc. Accounts that exceed configured thresholds are then flagged and pulled into a dashboard for research and review.

“We want credit unions to have a solid understanding of what this tool offers so questions are definitely welcomed and encouraged,” Johnson added.