Asterisk Intelligence, the data analytics and data warehousing team at CU*Answers, recently announced the completion of their annual management dashboard training event offered to credit union leadership teams.

“CU*BASE, our credit union core processing application, contains over 110 management dashboards,” said Thomas Hull, Business Intelligence Analyst with Asterisk Intelligence. “With each dashboard designed to provide insights into different areas of credit union operations. Teaching our partners and owners how to effectively leverage these tools and introducing our proprietary ASAP tactic for monetizing insights gives our partners the tools and resources they need to remain competitive, drive results, and exceed their strategic goals.”

Asterisk Intelligence specializes in data analytics and warehousing, helping credit unions drive results and strength their balance sheets through the analysis and leveraging of their data. A schedule of future educational offerings from Asterisk Intelligence can be found on the CU*Answers website, or reach out to the team directly at to coordinate a customized engagement today!