Another CU*BASE Client Conversion Service Initiative

Grand Rapids, MI – July 20th, 2011
CU*Answers said it had recently announced a new collaborative initiative for a team of CU*Answers experts to meet with a credit union having converted to its CU*BASE processing system for each of the first 6 months following the conversion date. Additionally, CU*Answers announced that it has also formed a new Account Representative program that will also now be a part of the client Conversion Follow up process.

According to the Grand Rapids-based CUSO, it strongly believes that a strong follow-up presence is vital immediately during the post- conversion, critical timeframe. It said that credit unions are typically so focused upon learning the many new features and nuances of converting to a new processing system during the first few weeks that certain key aspects incorporated within the system may be simply overlooked or forgotten. For instance, one of the key areas of focus will be to meet with each client on a regular basis to review the many report options/ capabilities provided as standard to every client converting to CU*BASE.

CU*Answers said its CSR Leadership team will be responsible for reviewing a variety of CU*BASE report menus and will especially focus upon the “My Favorite CU*BASE Reports” series for every newly converted credit union. This newest support strategy is designed to provide newly converted credit union’s the added benefit for reviewing the many reports provided by CU*BASE, and determine how they may best be parameterized and utilized following the immediate conversion period.
The CUSO continued to say that this regular collaboration is another strategy designed to help ensure clients are able to maximize their understanding and staff usage for CU*BASE.