Asterisk Intelligence, the data analytics and data warehousing team at CU*Answers, is excited to announce that Analytics Booth, their web based operational trending application has recently surpassed 2,800 days of historical operational data available for trending and analysis.

“Analytics Booth tracks and trends thousands of credit union operational metrics each and every day,” said Thomas Hull, Business Intelligence Analyst with Asterisk Intelligence. “Partners who have been on the CU*BASE core processing system and users of Analytics Booth since the inception of the application now have access to over 2,800 days of daily insights into their operations.”

Daily operational trending, as compared to monthly trending, provides enhanced insights into operational ebbs and flows, as well as seasonality and consumer behavior trends. Analytics Booth automates the collection and storage of historical operational data, allowing credit union partners to spend less time managing and collecting their data, and more time deriving insights from their data.  To learn more about Analytics Booth, visit the CU*Answers store.