CU*Answers Advocates Board Financial Literacy

Grand Rapids, MI – July 22nd, 2011
According to CU*Answers, it is creating a video series of 12 courses focused on Board Financial Literacy.

The CUSO says it feels that financial literacy is more than just book learning; it comes from interactions Board members have with each other and with credit union teams – as well as confidence gained from experience, education, and perseverance as a volunteer. CU*Answers continued to say that each class has three sections, beginning with presentations by a panel of experts, followed by a summary of the terms or ideas in the presentation and concluding with a test and related answers.

Titles of this education series include “Alphabet Soup: Glossary of Credit Union Lingo,” “Balance Sheet Structure 1010”, “The Budget Process and Variance Analysis” and others with general focus in areas of Regulatory Risk (mitigating) and Financial Position of credit unions. For additional information, access the Board Financial Literacy Course List: