WESCO Net Announces New Security Ed Program

WESCO Net, a leading network solutions integrator and division of CU*Answers has announced a new comprehensive Security Education series covering important topics such as computer security awareness, social engineering awareness and avoidance, using network tools security, and business continuity planning. These classes are targeted to credit union staff members and seek to improve computer and data security through education.

“Security Education is an important part of a credit union’s security posture and an essential ingredient in any security awareness program,” explains David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies. “These classes are designed to elevate employee awareness of various tactics commonly used by attackers and provide solid best practices to thwart them. Arming employees with the knowledge presented in these courses further safeguards member data.”

WESCO Net offers these classes through its onsite training facility, remotely via its online classroom, or on site. Classes are offered free of charge to clients of WESCO Net and CU*Answers (travel fees may be assessed for onsite classes).