CU*SOUTH announced that Union Pacific Streamliner FCU of Omaha, NE, has selected the CU*BASE® core software and CUSO@Work Collaborative Services to enhance their member service and help the credit union grow.

Jonathon Miller, CEO of Union Pacific Streamliner FCU, said: “Since Union Pacific Streamliner FCU is a small credit union, it is crucial that we embrace technology to remain not only a viable alternative to larger financial institutions but a superior alternative. Since CU*SOUTH is a CUSO, I’m confident that its credit union owners will be dedicated to aligning to a similar strategic direction as our credit union. It’s important for us to support the collaborative efforts of the credit union movement.”

“It is really exciting that CU*SOUTH will allow us to better serve our members in Omaha, but also allow us the opportunity to expand our digital footprint to serve Union Pacific employees across the entire western U.S. not currently being served by a credit union,” continued Miller. “Our members are really going to love the capability to fully manage their credit union accounts online, pay bills electronically, and digitally sign for account services and loan documents. As long as they have access to their computer or mobile device, they will have access to their credit union.”

According to Starla Honea, vice president of operations at CU*SOUTH, Union Pacific Streamliner FCU was seeking an innovative, long-term solution to help the credit union excel in providing financial services. “The CU*BASE software is the great equalizer, giving credit unions of all sizes, from billion-dollar credit unions to start-up credit unions, the same set of tools and technology. Union Pacific Streamliner FCU needed that technological edge to successfully compete and grow their membership. The credit union performed a thorough due diligence process including consultations with CU*SOUTH credit unions, learning about their experience with CU*SOUTH’s support and organizational culture as well as their managed services to compliment the robust software features. This helped make their decision very clear!”

CU*BASE is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for too many third-party interfaces, a challenge that had plagued Union Pacific Streamliner FCU and impacted their ability to efficiently serve their members. The dramatic reduction in the number of vendor relationships that would need to be maintained resulted in a significant cost savings for the credit union.