CU*SOUTH Gives Away Kindles to Arkansas CU’s

In keeping with CU*SOUTH’s dedication to the rapidly expanding “paperless” communications future, CU*SOUTH Sales Manager Mark Bohdanyk awarded two Kindle reading devices in a drawing last month during the Arkansas League Meeting in Hot Springs.

CU*SOUTH exhibited to twenty-six credit unions during the meeting, and the Kindles were won by Sharon Hearnsberger, CEO of Henderson State University Federal Credit Union and Casper Nehus, Board Member of Little Rock VA Credit Union.

“It’s a great way to introduce the concept of migrating tasks we associate with paper onto a digital device,” said Leo Vaulin, CEO of CU*SOUTH, in regard to the promotion. “It’s also easy and fun for people who might be hesitant about new technologies beyond the standard cell phone functions they’ve grown comfortable using.”

Familiarity with an e-reader is one step closer to using “smart” phones and devices like iPads, and e-reader retailers Barnes and Noble are already building in broader applications to their Nook product.

CU*SOUTH’s emphasis on using paperless technology and online resources stems from Vaulin’s belief that online banking with It’s Me 247 levels the playing field for smaller credit unions to affordably provide more services to members in an application members are increasingly looking for.

“We want to get our users comfortable with online banking, and the first step is winning over the managers. Once the managers discover how It’s Me 247 makes their lives easier, they want to make sure their members have this application, too,” Vaulin added. “And we help them do that.”