CU*NorthWest to Grow Processing Facilities

CU*NorthWest (CUNW), a CUSO providing data processing and other ancillary services to the Northwest recently announced that it has begun a project to dramatically increase processing capabilities in the coming year.

CU*NorthWest provides the CU*BASE core processing solution through its Liberty Lake Washington based data center on IBM iSeries technology. Currently running on a single system, CU*NorthWest plans to replace the current central processing facility with 3-4 new servers to support its online processing environments, product development efforts, disaster recovery capabilities and imaging solutions.

Based on committed business for the 2010 calendar year and beyond, CU*NorthWest plans to upgrade processing and storage facilities to meet its projected growth aggressively for the next 3 years.

With the planned upgrades, CU*NorthWest will be positioned to more than triple the number of members processing online over the next 2 years as well as support new emerging technology solutions like online credit card processing, imaging, and mobile phone banking.

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