CU*NorthWest Signs 4 in Colorado

Data processing CUSO CU*NorthWest recently announced that it has contracted 4 Colorado credit unions for its online processing solution.  Mountain River Credit Union, Alamosa Credit Union, Valley Educators Credit Union and Guadalupe Parish Credit Union will convert to the CUSO’s flagship data processing solution CU*BASE later this year.

“We have been working together as a group through our chapter association for some time but we knew that a common technology platform was necessary to really take that to the next level” said Ken Scherer, CEO of Mountain River Credit Union and spokesmen for the group.  He went on to say, “CU*NorthWest and the network of CUSO’s and credit unions was exactly what were looking for.  They not only had a great product but more importantly, a vision and commitment to credit union collaboration.  “They really understand what we are trying to do and are consistently building tools to help credit unions collaborate and partner more effectively.”

CU*NorthWest will use these first 4 credit unions in Colorado to expand its presence in the state.  All four credit unions will utilize the fully integrated product suite of CU*BASE to include It’s Me 247 online banking, audio response, mobile phone banking, shared branching and imaging solutions.

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