CU*NorthWest Shares Programming Resources

CU*NorthWest, a 100% credit union-owned data processing CUSO, recently announced today that its programming resources are being used to support a conversion in Massachusetts through a partnership with Alabama-based CU*SOUTH.  Both CU*NorthWest and CU*SOUTH regionally provide CU*BASE core data processing.

“The software product is designed for collaboration and resource sharing,” says CU*NorthWest CEO, Greg Smith.   “With this venture with CU*SOUTH, we are practicing what we preach by collaborating across companies to provide a quality conversion that calls upon available network expertise without adding costs and overhead to the conversion process.”

Taunton FCU (Taunton, MA), is upgrading to the CU*BASE platform later this month.  It has over $129 million in assets and approximately 12,000 members.

This is not the first time the Spokane-based service provider has practiced resource sharing with its programming staff.  The CUSO has a long-standing relationship with Michigan-based CU*Answers, developer of the CU*BASE software package, and its programmers write code on the base product and support the application.  Together, CU*Answers, CU*SOUTH and CU*Northwest serve over 175 credit unions with more than 1.6 million members.