CU*NorthWest Hosts Focused Education Month

CU*NorthWest, a credit union-owned CUSO and regional provider of CU*BASE Data Processing, says it has recently completed a month of education focused on Lending.

The Lending Series consisted of 4 classes; each class built on the previous class and also included homework assignments to measure the level of participant understanding. The series included: Lending Basics, Lending Configurations, Loan Maintenance and a Comprehensive Review. This opportunity was open to all of the CUSO’s clients – 7 Credit Unions attended the series with a total of 13 participants.

“We have a huge commitment to training,” says Greg Smith, CEO of the CU*NorthWest.  The CU*NorthWest Focused Education encompass’ Client Driven classes derived from areas identified through customer service calls.  Focused Education Months target specific credit union operational functions and how the CU*BASE core software is applied.

This year CU*NorthWest as a part of the larger network will host over 95 web conferences, 36 formal classroom trainings, and more than 7 regional training events on product specific topics.