CU*NorthWest Ends Successful 2009 Year

CU*NorthWest (CUNW), a CUSO providing core data processing services to the Northwest announced today that it has ended its fiscal year strong; with additional staff, additional clients, additional owners and a positive financial outlook.

“We are so fortunate to be gaining an even stronger presence in the market in a time when many businesses are challenged with simple survival,” says Greg Smith, President and CEO of CU*NorthWest.

CU*NorthWest has been growing steadily since its inception in late 2005 and will post another positive number this year as it faces an even busier year of conversions in 2010.

Smith went on the say, “Our product suite (CU*BASE), as well as the CUSO’s ownership and governance model continues to resonate with credit unions across the west and we look forward to welcoming even more credit unions to our ranks in the near future”.

CU*NorthWest operates on an October through September fiscal year.

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