CU*NorthWest Adds another California Client

CU*NorthWest, a regional provider of CU*BASE core data processing, recently announced that Cal Poly Federal Credit Union of Pomona, California has signed a 7-year Agreement for data processing services.

Cal Poly FCU ($12M, 3K) will migrate from Harland’s Ultradata solution in late August of this year.  In addition to utilizing the core processing solution CU*BASE, the credit union will transition to It’s Me 247 Online and Mobile Web Banking and CU*Talk Audio Response systems.

When asked about the reasons for choosing CU*NorthWest, Barbara Bean, CEO said “Cal Poly Federal Credit Union serves a technologically savvy membership on a Southern California University campus.  Students demand innovation — but, they have no money to pay for it.  CU*Northwest’s affordable solution is the key to our future success. We look forward to working with CU*Northwest and collaborating with other credit unions on the system to ensure all of us have a brighter future.”

CU*NorthWest converted its first credit union in California last year and also recently welcomed Inland Valley of Fontana, CA (scheduled to convert in July).