Network Seeks Partners

Grand Rapids, MI – July 19th, 2011
The cuasterisk network recently announced that a key initiative for the upcoming year will be to seek out new partners wishing to join its network.

According to a spokesperson from the network, from the beginning, “” was designed to challenge the traditional processes for which credit unions have had to locate, qualify, negotiate pricing/ contracts and manage third party vendor relationships. He explained that in many cases, it has often lead to a vendor relationship that was often strained from the start as based upon the expectations and level of core integration, which may or may not be in place, which often too many times, credit unions are left to fend on their own as based upon having negotiated a mutually beneficial contract, or when a vendor is merged or sold to another entity.

He continued to say that as based upon this level of uncertainly and financial risk, it has often times prevented credit unions from investing in various technologies, or being able to be faster to market than their competition for providing desired member services, particularly for credit unions smaller in size.

The Network is comprised of a group of credit union industry partners, most owned by the credit unions they serve, committed to working closely together to provide many popular services, such as full Inbound/ Outbound Call Center, Collections, Back Office, Audit and Compliance, eDoc Management Solutions, Network Security and Management and Data Processing services at a significantly discounted price print.

In announcing this new partner outreach initiative, cuasterisk said a key component is locating potential partners who share a similar vision for providing solutions that benefit all parties – versus a single focus its own bottom line. cuasterisk says it believes this model is critical to credit union’s being able to confidently choose partners as based upon a level of vested financial commitment, ownership and trust which is unmatched in the in the credit union market space today.