Xtend Data Analytics shares their knowledge with clients and staff alike through educational opportunities

This year, Xtend Data Analytics has launched a new educational course via the CU*Answers University Course program to walk credit union clients through an entire marketing flow in CU*BASE. Through university course 4.10 – Introduction to CU*BASE Sales and Marketing Tools, Data Analytics walks clients through using dashboards to build target audience lists, using various tools to send members emails and Online Banking messages directly, and finally building reports using the dashboard tools, again.

“We’ve listened really closely to our credit union partners over the years, and the number one struggle we heard from them was how technical and data-focused the marketing role had become,” said Sarah Ashby, AVP of Communications. “We decided to create this course to walk clients through the step-by-step of creating and reporting on a marketing campaign, all using the tools that are readily available at their fingertips. We’ve gotten great feedback so far, and plan to continue teaching this course into 2025.”

While the course is not due to be taught again until at least November 2024, interested parties can reach out to Xtend Data Analytics for educational assistance and inquiries at info@xtendcu.com.