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Cashless Branches

June 22 @ 2:00pm EST

For the last 3-4 months you’ve managed to meet member needs without lobby hours and a fully staffed teller line. Your ATM network , cash machines and debit cards have probably been introduced to more than a few long-time members who have finally learned of the convenience of a newly discovered delivery channel. Many members have been forced by the current circumstances to more fully learn about and utilize your mobile and home banking services.

Naturally you may have asked yourself, “Is the teller line an unnecessary component of your service and delivery strategies in the future?” What would be the impact of turning your branch into a cashless, tellerless member service office? What would your balance sheet and income statement look like if you decided that the teller line should go the way of passbook savings? Can you envision a strategic scenario that re-engineers your entire branch delivery channel?

Several of your network partners have asked themselves that question during this pandemic. What would it take and how could you do it? Variable Ventures would like to introduce you to Paul Parrish, CEO/President of One Nevada Credit Union. Paul has been on the executive team of this $1 billion credit union since it started on its journey towards eliminating the traditional teller position almost 20 years ago, a task which it completed in 2007. He wants to share with all of you his experience in overcoming the barriers and leveraging the benefits of this strategy.

Join us for a Variable Ventures Innovation Series webcast to hear from Paul and learn more about how this innovative strategy played a role in leading his credit union to increase the member value of One Nevada in quality service as well as exceptional financial performance since being adopted.

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