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Build a CUSO/CU owned mortgage self-servicing solution

I’ve been going to ACUMA meetings for the last few years and heard a continuous chorus of dissatisfaction with the current community of sub-servicing options available to credit unions and mortgage focused CUSOs.  Customization, price, system integrations, technology obsolescence are all reasons that we think that the time is right for a CU/CUSO owned subservicing […]

Development of PFM and BFM product set (Initiative #10)

Research and design prototype Personal Financial Management (PFM) and Business Financial Management (BFM) solutions. Create Know Your Money (KYM) and Know Your Small/Medium Enterprise (KYSME) dashboards.

Expanded National Sales Strategies and Models for CU*Base (Initiative #9)

Consider a more orchestrated sales plan for CU*BASE nationally. What does it mean to group providers for CU*Answers to add another territory or potentially open a storefront in a new territory?

Stabilize and Solidify Site4 (Initiative #8)

It is recognized that many of the potential on-going strategic benefits of Site4 have yet to be realized. The broader strategic value of this network asset will remain untapped until the network owners and partners contribute those services necessary to solidify and stabilize the firm in 2018, including a CEO mentor (paid), administrative assistant and […]

Site4 SmartOperator+ Operations Development (Initiative #7)

Collaborative effort of Site4 partners to develop the “SmartOperator +” operations programming initiative. The primary objective of this initiative is to optimize all operational processes. It will increase automation of operations, reduce human operator inputs, add error checking and process logging protocols. This will benefit all three core processors and Site4.

Never Say “NO” Lending (Initiative #6)

Develop and invest in a network based solution that would seamlessly seek to identify a loan solution for every member who requests a loan, regardless of loan type, credit history, loan terms,available liquidity or any individual credit union lending constraints. A member with the need for a loan does not stop searching for a loan […]

Build network owned data analytics business (Initiative #5)

Design joint investment and ownership opportunity in data analytics business (Asterisk Intelligence) and further support for building data analysis skill sets in our clients … regional boot camps.

Build national awareness campaign for CUAsterisk.com (Initiative #4)

Identify the network support and budget necessary to build national awareness and education campaign for the networked business model. Identify venues and primary marketing and education strategy for CU industry and interested participants.

Form CUAsterisk.com Advisory Board (Initiative #2)

Build an entrepreneurial network that brings sustainable and strategically impactful collaborative innovation to the CU industry. Develop 2018 Business plan 1. Calendar 2. Budget 3. Agenda 4. Governance Documentation

Develop HRD Consulting Group (Initiative #1)

CEOs and CU*a.com partners, partner with credit unions on specialized engagement, developing guidelines to free CU to work for others-GIG employees. For example: 1. Succession Planning 2. HR Support/Talent Searches 3. Leadership Development

Examination Innovation

Our strategy is based in a belief that technological evolution in today’s credit unions provides an opportunity to shift the paradigm of exam protocols away from a point in time activity that occurs at either a 12 or 18 month cycle to a process that allows for continuous surveillance and observation of strategic decisions, credit […]

Network Based Procurement

Few if any credit unions have implemented modern statistically driven procurement strategies, which allow them minimize inventory costs, decrease the chances of both overstocking and ever running out of mission critical supplies and take advantage of scalable purchasing opportunities.

Vendor Management

Regulatory requirements have forced the evolution of Vendor Management from a static process to a dynamic event.  Constant review of your vendor relationship is the new standard, both objectively; audits, financials, insurances doc, etc., and subjectively news feeds, community based evaluations, etc.

Digital Assets (Initiative #3)

Invest in a network initiative to learn the requirements for the next generation digital loan transactions; notary requirements, digital asset management and a hub for external resources requiring security interest in digital eNote. Identify most likely asset classes to be impacted by digitization of the lending work flow and strategies to monetize.


Cyber attacks. Silk Road and the theft of bitcoins on early digital exchanges. State and federal regulations built for a world of fiat currency. Barriers to the legal adoption and deployment of money built on distributed ledgers produced by cryptographic-strength algorithms are real and evolving. Credit unions are, at their core, ledgers of members’ accounts […]