Member Contact Mgmt

CU*BASE Credit Unions have a powerful toolset at their figure tips.  The simplicity of member contact functions built right into the software make member contact an achievable goal, today.  E-messaging is an influential instrument on its own, and even more so when paired with your ongoing in branch initiatives.  Our Member Reach program uses the CU*BASE toolset to produce both plain text and HTML, targeted email messages, member notifications and eNewsletters.  Our objective is to inspire action and make membership real.  We do this by delivering targeted, clickable, interactive emails that direct your members to take that next step.  Our Member Reach emails enhance your member’s knowledge about your product offering, encourage product participation such as lending and bill pay, and promote brand awareness.  We have sent over millions of effective member communications and identified what works.  Partner with us and let Member Reach take your organization to the next level.

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