e-Document Strategies

eDOC Innovations is a CUSO specializing in assisting credit unions, our Peers and Owners, with their e-document strategies. Credit unions large and small are realizing that they need a strategic view of e-documents today. They are intertwined in everything a credit union does. A solid e-document strategy can help you build your business in a variety of different ways. Partnering with eDOC Innovations, we help credit unions “Go Paperless” while we help them build their business. With a comprehensive, e-document strategy, credit unions recognize lower overall costs in their operations, enhanced member services and they create new channels for attracting and keeping members. Our In-house solutions, DocLogic™, or our On-line solutions, idocVAULT™, allow credit unions ultimate flexibility in their choice of strategy. Our philosophy is, “Built by Credit Unions, for Credit Unions” — join the hundreds of credit unions who are building their business through the strength of partnership and collaboration. eDOC Innovations, the choice of tomorrow.

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