CU*Answers Data Boot Camp participants get special preview of new data management resources

Participants of CU*Answers’ Data Boot Camp benefited from an early look at several data management projects at the company. The 100% credit union-owned data processing CUSO is developing a native data warehouse solution, and SnapShot, a data set that fully mirrors the processing environment of their CU*BASE® core system captured at the exact moment the prior end-of-day processing was completed.

The Boot Camp group met on February 7th and 8th and was authorized to be the first, exclusive client users of SnapShot. SnapShot is expected to serve as a resource for research, and flexibility in timing and scope of data transfers. It also standardizes the timing of data archival to support existing CU*Answers products, and creates visibility of retroactive data on a scale that was previously unachievable for CU*BASE users and products. The product will be managed by CU*Answers’ Asterisk Intelligence team.

Asterisk Intelligence team leader Keegan Daniel noted: “SnapShot checks off another item on the wish list of many data managers and analysts – An ability to wind back the clock across the entire database, and every data point it holds. The scale of this project is impressive. Involving our most data-conscious partners and users with the development and testing process is a no-brainer for us and we look forward to working closely with this group over the next few months.”

The product will receive a round of collaborative review and testing by the Boot Camp participants over the upcoming months. During this period, participants will spend time evaluating and documenting their experiences to share in the program’s next meeting in May.

Asterisk Intelligence is a group launched in early 2017 by CU*Answers to focus on strategies and development of data analytics and data warehousing for credit unions. For questions regarding Asterisk Intelligence or data strategies at CU*Answers, contact Keegan Daniel, Vice President of Professional Services, Asterisk Intelligence.

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