Xtend announces new lead generation tool

Xtend, a Grand Rapids-based credit union service organization, has announced it will be launching a new lead generation software tool on February 1, 2018. OLLE will allow credit unions to run contests, surveys, or marketing campaigns, while promoting their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. OLLE will allow clients the ability to run contests, select winners, and generate leads.

“OLLE is a natural fit for Xtend,” said Liz Winninger, CEO of Xtend. “Our team has run thousands of campaigns which help credit unions drive their message home with their members. Lead generation has been a part of those campaigns. As we see consumers change the way they evaluate, and opt for financial services we need to find alternative channels and meet them where they shop. The OLLE software allows us to meet consumers on their level, at times that means social media platforms.”

Xtend’s Member Reach division has been assisting credit unions with their data driven marketing campaigns since 2012. Project managers assist credit unions as an extension of their sales and marketing departments. The Member Reach program segments members based on pre-defined terms, and drives member communication in five areas: onboarding, member retention, losing the love, product and service awareness, and security and financial literacy development. Xtend combines digital marketing, along with traditional channels to help credit unions deliver their message.

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Representing a network of credit union owned CUSOs that have developed a capability for serving members in a whole new way, cuasterisk.com leverages the power and effectiveness of a collaborative network of business partners committed to coming together to provide credit unions a variety of popular services at competitive CUSO prices. The footprint of this network reaches over 600 credit unions nationwide and is designed to provide credit unions the opportunity to roll out new services faster to market and at a lower cost.

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About Xtend (www.xtendcu.com): Xtend, Inc. is a credit union service organization (CUSO) formed in 2002 with the sole purpose of increasing the competitive advantage of its owning credit unions through strategic products, services, and partnerships. Our major area of focus is to reduce operating expenses and increase revenues through direct alignment and utilization of Xtend’s branded services, SRS Bookkeeping, Mortgage Servicing, Auditing, Shared Branching and Member Communication Services. Through our strategic partner relationships we are able to help credit unions gain access to new markets and member service opportunities, while at the same time helping our partners become more successful. Xtend provides services for over 100 credit unions representing more than 1.2M members and $8B in assets. The CUSO is currently owned by 69 credit union partners.

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